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What are the best bar lines for Kitesurf?

Teufelberger, Liros, Cousin trestec, Tarifa, Garda, DC PRO 401, 301, SK78, SK99, a whole bunch of Kitesurfing names and lines, but which are the best and why? We will help you to see more clearly. In this post we will see what are the different manufacturers of kitesurf lines, dissect the different properties and see which are the best for us and why.

Line manufacturers for Kitesurf

There are many brands offering lines of bars for Kitesurf.

Among these we can find:

  • Liros which provides lines for Core, Flysurfer, Eleveight, Spleene
  • Teufelberger which mainly supplies DUOTONE, formerly NORTH
  • Cousin trestec who supplies Kevin Langeree’s new brand, Reedin
  • Braitech (which was formerly Eurocord)
  • Alpharope
  • Lancelin
  • Marlow
  • Vector
  • Climax
  • Hyrope
  • Jeelysport
  • And many others less present …

At Kite, Sand & Lines we have selected the LIROS and TEUFELBERGER lines and we will explain why.

The properties of Kitesurf lines

First of all let’s try to understand how these lines are made and with what materials. You should know that for most of the best and most resistant lines we use Dyneema. Dyneema is a UHMPE (high modulus polyethylene, also known as UHMWPE or polyethylene of very high molecular weight). It is a material with unmatched fatigue resistance qualities. Dyneema also has qualities of resistance to chemical agents and abrasion, however it is poorly resistant to heat because of its low melting point (140 ° C).

Dyneema offers, by far, the best resistance / weight ratio among all the materials used for ropes.

We can find several qualities of Dyneema:

  • SK38 – Lower quality of Dyneema, but inexpensive.
  • SK60, SK62, SK65
  • SK75, SK78 – The SK78 is the Dyneema standard, it has the same resistance as the SK75 but with a much lower rate of elongation and creep.
  • DM20 – The DM20 has a slightly lower toughness than the SK78, but has its advantage that it has an almost zero creep rate.
  • SK99 – It is the last born of Dyneema DSM launched in 2013. The SK99 has 20% more resistance than the SK78.

Here is a table summarizing the different properties of each of the qualities of Dyneema:


So much for the quality of the materials of the Kitesurf bar lines.

Now we will explain to you why our choice fell on the Teufelberger SK99 and Liros SK99 lines.

Kitesurf lines manufacturing processes

When talking about Kitesurf bar lines there are several aspects to consider:

  • The number of spindles: 4 (fishing lines), 6, 8 (it is the minimum for kitesurf lines), 10, 12, 16 (it is the maximum for kitesurf lines), 24 – Braiding will influence stiffness, resistance, workload and ease of splicing. The greater the number of spindles, the more complex the braiding will be and the greater the risk of elasticity.
  • The braiding step: the shorter it is the more elastic it will be but more resistant to chafing. The longer it is, the stiffer it will be but less resistant to chafing.
  • Twisting: used to round the lines to give them greater resistance to chafing.
  • Pre-stretching: this is a very important criterion to take into account to avoid ending up with longer lines than others after your sessions. It is therefore essential to choose pre-stretched lines.
  • The size: a polyurethane bath strengthens the resistance to chafing (and UV) and this is what will also color the rope.

Perfect kitesurf lines must therefore have the minimum number of spindles (minimum elongation and creep), the maximum twist (more round lines, less flat and therefore more resistant to chafing), a long braiding pitch (stiffer ), good pre-stretching (to avoid ending up with differentials between the lines) and good coating (to have lines that slide when touched).

The Teufelberger and Liros Kitesurf lines

It is by taking into account all these criteria, and with experience, that our choice fell naturally to the Teufelberger SK99 and Liros SK99 lines.

Here are the different lines offered by these two manufacturers.

Teufelberger Kitesurf lines

ProductØ en mmBreaking load in MBLBraidsMaterial
TARIFA FL-265T1.4265 daN8Dyneema SK78
TARIFA FL-340T1,4340 daN8Dyneema SK78
TARIFA FL-350T1,6350 daN8Dyneema SK78
GARDA FR-2991,1290 daN8Dyneema SK99
GARDA FR-3891,3380 daN8Dyneema SK99
CAPETOWN FL-4001,6400 daN12Dyneema SK78
CAPETOWN FL-5001,8500 daN12Dyneema SK78
CAPETOWN FL-6102,2610 daN12Dyneema SK78
MAUI FL-3891,3380 daN12Dyneema SK99
MAUI FL-5091,7500 daN12Dyneema SK99
MAUI FL-639T1,7630 daN12Dyneema SK99

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Liros Kitesurf lines

ProductØ en mmBreaking load in MBLBraidsMaterial
Liros DC Pro 7012700 daN12Dyneema SK99
Liros DC Pro 4011,6400 daN12Dyneema SK99
Liros DC Pro 3011,5300 daN12Dyneema SK99
Liros DC Pro 2011,1200 daN12Dyneema SK99
Liros DC Pro 1610,83170 daN12Dyneema SK99

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Here I think we have gone around the subject, if you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to write us by message or leave a comment. If you are looking for other lines do not hesitate to let us know and we can get them.

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